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ALL our seminars are live 1  1/2 hour seminars now priced @ only $ 99 EACH at my office, your home, or your office thru 10/31/16!

1) Starting your own business THE RIGHT WAY IN 2016

2) Career Alternative Workshop - How to transition from the W2 world to the world of self-employment

3) The Game Plan - Creating a winning BUSINESS PLAN

4) The Small Business Survival Boot Camp - smart strategies for today's times

5) Our A to Z .....26 Point Business TUNE-UP Workshop

6) Dare to Be Creative- Winning MARKETING strategies that work in 2016

7) The BEST tax -saving strategies for the small business owner

8) The 16 DEADLY Business Startup BLUNDERS

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  • We are now in our 28th year helping businesses grow, and we still have a burning desire to help you and your business succeed!  We are stocked full of great ideas to get that business of yours to the next level now and help you take advantage of the rebounding economy. If you ever wanted to see if owning your own business was right for you..........NOW is the time to think about consulting with us about making that successful transition to working for yourself.  Has your business stopped growing? A set of fresh eyes might be all that's needed to setup an action plan to revive your sales pipeline or reduce and/or remove unnecessary operating costs.
  • Then check out our current Calendar of Events:  Due to the economy and its effect on small business owners we have developed TWO brand new one-on-one consulting sessions entitled Self Employment - The W2 Alternative..PLUS...Our New A to Z Customized Business Checkup Consultation which are now both offered at your place or any of our 2 convenient locations in Pennsylvania.  YES......It's time to learn more in our customized one-on-one consultation sessions in order to give you exactly the information and answers that your firm needs NOW to survive and thrive.  We are now offering 8 different seminars customized just for you and your business for up to 1 1 /2 hours for just $  99.00 only until 10/31/16.  We will answer all your questions and teach you all the business techniques that you need to properly analyze your business, identify the problem areas, and setup a realistic plan to eliminate these issues so that you can grow your new or existing business.  We are also offering our A to Z business consultation tune -up special for both newly established and established businesses where you pick the areas that you think that your business has particular problems and we provide the best solutions just right for you and your business for up to 1  1/2 hours at also just  $ 99.00 until  10/31/16....Just call us at 215-801-8031 or email us at ELSCPA@aol.com  to reserve your spot for these seminars.
  • See our calendar of events page for more details about these and other seminar offerings!
  • YOURLEADSCLUB.com is our sister website for my local networking group now entering its 6th year. Check it out as it has become the best local networking group in the Delaware Valley. It's the Low Cost / Few Rules Networking Group for Serious Networkers.
  • Check out how I vent my frustrations with today's business world-visit My 2Cents Blog. Also check out the New Business News Bites Tab on the left side of this page for my take on new trends happening now in your business world.
  • Read more on how you can buffer your business from a potentially bumpy ride ahead in the Learning Forum. The Forum contains loads of great information for growing your business in times like these.


Business Trends change at a faster rate than ever before, and technology becomes obsolete overnight. To stay competitive, it's no longer just "business as usual."

Today, strategic planning, creative thinking, and constant and persistent learning, have become necessary components not just for start-ups, but for those who seek to stay in business, remain profitably healthy, and achieve sustainable growth.

Much has changed since the New Business Learning Center opened its doors now more than twenty-seven years ago. In keeping with the changing times, we too have evolved from group seminars to customized one-on-one consultations to become your one-stop resource for successfully achieving your business goals.

Today, New Business Learning Center is not just about showing you how to start up your business the right way -- but how to sustain it through these challenging times. And while we will continue to offer free or low cost consultations, we will also offer them in a variety of formats that will allow you to take these short training courses or workshops at your convenience — breakfast meetings, brown bag lunches, evening cconsulatations, weekend sessions, and distance learning alternatives. 24 hour learning - that's how business education is done these days.

Consulting services are now being offered by telephone, or through online chats and email. No longer will you have to trek to our office or our location. Whether you are in California or Dubai, with an Internet connection, our resources will be available to you 24/7.

You'll also notice new resources on the navigation bar to the left of this page. Click there to read more about today's business world in the "My 2Cents" Blog. Under the interactive Learning Forum you'll find some ideas, comments, thoughts and solutions that other readers and clients have shared with us. Visitors to the site are welcome to comment of any of the postings, ask questions, or leave messages.

We also invite you to subscribe to the site so that you'll be notified by email when a new posting is available. It's a great way to learn about upcoming consultation sessions, set reminders for online discussions you've signed up for, or hear about new ideas from peer members in our networking circle. Feel free to browse through our library of articles. They are also available for download on PDFs.

Because we too recognize that doing business means keeping a constant pulse on changes in industry and the world we live in, we invite you to critique, comment, and suggest ways in which we can improve our Web site.

Here at the New Business Learning Center, we believe the key to success is knowledge. In a community that promotes collaborative learning, you too CAN start up your business the right way, sustain profitability, and achieve growth. You can, in fact, SUCCEED.