Why Business Card Exchanges are becoming less popular......
Sunday, July 22, 2018 at 10:45AM
Earl L. Sigmund

  As an entrepreneur I have gone to hundreds of business card exchanges in my lifetime. I used to love to go to them, but except for rare instances, I am dreading them more and more. Let me explain my change of attitude toward business card exchanges:

1) the organization giving them are giving them because they always had them, not because they want to ...the givers create little or no buzz about the event to interest the attendees to attend them

2) the same people ( estimate 85% ) are present every time - either to get out of their stuffy office and get some fresh air, or to pray that this one will lead to newcontacts and hopefully a new sale.

3) the venues are too small to have an event creating an uninviting environment to prospect for sales.

4) attendees are too focused on the social aspect of the avant-garde not the New Business aspect of the event




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