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WE PROUDLY ANNOUNCE OUR FALL 2019 LINEUP OF 8 LIVE 1 1/2 HR LIVE SEMINARS OFFERED TO YOU- ALL AT ONLY $ 99 EACH...... or our special single $ 79 leads club offering  (THRU  10/31/19).

                             ***please visit our WELCOME page tab for more details***


 Plus we recently have added 2 more seminars to our lineup:

 1) Self-Employment ...the W2 alternative workshop .........designed for individuals who think they may want to start a business but are unsure of what's really involved and whether a switch to the self-employed world makes sense for them.

 2) A Soup to Nuts review of an ongoing business....is the focus of our A to Z business tuneup seminar where like an auto mechanic, we check out your business and find out what's wrong with it and provide suggestions for fixing all types of business issues.