You should not have DOUBTS when you start a new business?

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WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?  I mean it! If you really doubt that your business is going to be successful - DO NOT START IT yet!   Doubt to me means you have not done al the research required to insure the success of your business. Doubt means you have not done a complete detailed business plan- one reviewed by an experienced successful business person who will quiz you to make sure there are no holes or red flags in the plan. Doubt may mean you have qeuestions about the business that you afraid to ask of others. Doubt not revealing to others negatve things you heard about the industry you are about to enter.

    DOUBT- -it is a word you need to address straignt on and get an answer that builts your confidence that the business will be a success -

       I doubt your business can succeed with it.


I am ready to change the way my business operates .....Are you? 

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 Everyone resists change to their normal schedule - It's just human nature. But resist change to the business world around could spell death for your business. The Blockbuster Video store saga is a good example of how existance to change caused a BIG business to disappear. Did you ever think your local blockbuster chain store would just bite the dust never to return? Who thought that the exhilarating experience of walking or running into a store that smelled like fresh popcorn in hopes that the hot new movie release would be sitting on the shelf waiting for just me to rent it would go bye bye? Resisting to invest more money into the technology availabie to stream movies via your TV cost Blockbusters its very existance.

        Wake up you shrinking mom and pop retailers and service providers out there! Are you keeping up with what's going on in the technology world with regards to your product or service? If not, it is never too late to start. Trying Google Alert today is just one way to be told about changes in your business world. Do it or something like it today!              


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  We all want to grow our businesses and our book of business by solicing new customers. But when prospects say these 4 little words....."I WILL CALL YOU .. " your ears perk up knowing that in the majority of cases that that call will never come. I just really wish that prospects would just tell us the truth and say instead..."Sorry, but i am just not interesed."

 Just think of all the time that business people would save in unnecessary followup calls, mailing marketing materials, etc. I guess it's just a quirk of human nature to tell a sales person a little white lie just so as to not hurt anyone's feelings. It even gets worse when the prospect tells you that he or she will respond to you at a particular day or time. This 4 word response another famous already a customer response ....  "I will mail you the check today!" in the lie category that many prospects tell us when they know that no action will be taken.

   What can be done to minimize such a response by prospective clients - probably nothing since it is in our DNA not to intentionally hurt anyone's feelings. But just hearing those 4 words should prepare you for the truth - your sales pitch needs work! A good sales trainer will teach you how you can respond to these 4 words to evoke a committment then and there. As I always say... EDUCATION is the key to business success.  

Mid-Career Crisis - Face it or Pretend it does not Exist? 

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 A Mid-Career Crisis is a common one these days given how many employers treat their employees and the stress caused by seemingly higher prices for everything the average person needs to buy.  Couple this with you getting older each year and your desire to fulfill your bucket list and you quickly realize that you are in a crisis mode. It bothers me to no end the fact that the majority of people answer this life situation in one way- DO NOTHING!

   Just investigating what else OTHER WORKING OPPORTUNITIES exist in the world seems like a good thing to people stuck in this so called MID-CAREER CRISIS makes sense to me, if only to find out FOR SURE that my current career employment is the best thing for me right now.  Your current mental state might be better just for seeking information on the topic.  Sometimes we need to EXPLORE the alternatives that exist in today's world -like  STARTING A SIDE BUSINESS to see if we like being self-employed if only for a few hours a week.

  You may discover that you may live longer if you get into a new life situation that keeps your brain and your body more active.

   The choice is yours - I think a little research into this area is well worth the time! 


I made a profit? SO .....Where is the money?

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This is a common expression voiced by business owners when their accountant informs them of their businesses' bottom line for the year? It kind of tells me that there was a real disconnect between the bookkeeper and the business owner; or a real lack of understanding regarding just what items paid out in a business are tax deductible and which items are not (or maybe the timing of the tax deduction is deferred in part to a future date).  


Why does this disconnect between owner and accountant occur?


   The business owner may be overwhelmed by the chores of running a business, and as a result the owner was never properly educated on exactly how a business works for tax purposes. For example, the owner may have just bought a large capital item for the business which greatly reduced his cash balance, but only very slightly reduced his profit for tax purposes since such an expenditure may be deferred to a future year or years for that matter. The owner also may have thought that items such as loan repayments are 100% tax deducible when in fact only the interest portion of that loan repayment check is tax deductible.

The conclusion:  

Business owners somehow have to make the time in their busy lives to learn and then monitor the financial end of their businesses so that the shock of a tax profit is eliminated once and for all. 


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