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UNHAPPY AT WORK? You are not not alone.......

Posted on Saturday, October 1, 2016 at 09:27AM by Registered CommenterEarl L. Sigmund | CommentsPost a Comment

  The latest statistics available show that more and more people are unhappy at their current place of employment. Those thinking about starting their own business are now approaching 50% of our working population. Actual new business startups are up about 50% since the recession of just a few years ago.

   Just what factors in today's workplace are making workers unhappy? I think the following factors play the largest part in job unhappiness:


 1)      BAD MANAGEMENT - The company is not going anywhere and does not seem to have a real plan to grow or even sustain their current business volume. Workers feel "lost" and owners do not communciate well or at all with the workers.  

2)      BAD LEADERS - Immmediate Bosses and Managers are only concerned with squeezing every ounce of production out of their employees and show no concern or passion for the outside - of - work employee issues that each worker faces at one time or another. 

3)      STRESS & OVERWORK - This is the result of the bad management and leadership issues detailed above. 

4)      COMPANY BUREAUCRACY - There is just too much red tape to change things at work. Just recommending change might be detrimental to one's job security.

It's no wonder in this type of work environment that American workers are dreaming more and more about starting their own businesses. 










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