What Business Plan? I know this idea will work!

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 As a new business consultant I have heard these words spoken by enthusiastic new business owners way too often. Yes - the idea is great. Yes- the product or sevice will sell! So what's the problem? it will lose money because no one ever took the time to sit down and calculate the costs involved and time involved to make it sell. That's what a business plan is for- It's an honest, realistic way to determine if your great idea will make any money (after you factor in all the costs and your time involved) or determine exactly when your idea will make money. If you can't do this detrermination yourself in a calm realistic way- hire an independent outsider who will provide you with the whole truth and nothing but the trusth.   

Hey Linkedin Connections - Stop OutSourcing & Talk for Yourself!

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  More and more business people on Linkedin and other social media outlets are outsourcing their posts to marketing companies which in itself is ok, but shouldn't my connections post their on their own opinions and news in their own words once in a while? That's why I connected with that particular business person in the first place. I was interested in what "YOU" have to say, not your hired hand! I want to hear what's on your mind so I can learn something from you. Just one more dehumanizing element brought to you by the internet. Let's get back to basics - humans communicating their own thoughts to other humans, not scripted commercials written by outsiders.  

Where have all the new businesses gone?

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 Everyday I look to find new businesses that just started up that may need my services. I never give up looking- because I know that I can help them in some way survive. I and my firm represent HOPE - no matter how bleak that new entrepreneur views his current situation. I have mailed thousands of new business owners over the last 23 years seeking out businesses that may be LOST in some way. I will never stop looking for these individuals - NEVER!


Hey Linkedin Connections - Thanks for all the endorsements BUT ???

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   So Linkedin has made it so easy for connections to endorse each other and create more "NEWS" when I log in the Linkedin site ...BUT you really have to ask yourself "So what do all these endorsements REALLY do for me?" I guess "outsiders" may get the impression that I REALLY am good at my trade, and that is always a good thing. I know how hard it is for someone to write a great endorsement for me for my website, so I hope that all this Linkedin-based endorsing back and forth between existing connections is a time-worthy activity after all. BUT I wish these same people (some of whom KNOW me well and some of whom hardly KNOW of ME at all) would instead communicate with me in "REAL LIFE" instead of thru Internet-based Linkedin in order that they would endorse me in "REAL LIFE" to their peers and clientele in a way that will result in REAL NEW LEADS for me and my business. So finding a way to thank these ENDORSERS in Real Time for their endorsements seems to be my next big challenge......Wish me Luck! 

2013 is here...Is your business ready to meet the challenge?

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                          You would be amazed how many new business owners start their new venture completely unprepared for the journey ahead. No business plan at all ( "I just want to make money and I know it will!"), no professional website, no marketing plan to get the word out............It just amazes me no end!     

                           People be prepared..........do your homework, don't sign ANY substantial financial document that commits your limited funds (eg. lease) until some independent experienced business person says that concept has a good chance of succeeding. Then work like hell to get the business volume that you need to succeed.