PROCRASTINATION - a real business killer that strikes every day!

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   He who waits to make changes and try new things to keep their business alive and kicking waits much too long! Especially you mom & pops out there. Read, study, look at the business world around you and take note- Then Take ACTION!

   On line Sales ...Drone Delivery...Stores Shuttering around you- What more do you need to see to get you off your rump and fight back!

  I think most small business overestimate the loyality of their cusstomers. It takes just one good buying experience to make your customer leave you - not just for now, but for ever.

   Get some outsider with some real business growth experience to step inside your business, analyze what's going on - and make some shocking suggestions to you. Yes suggestions you do not want to hear or believe - but these revelations are probably true and you need to take the bad news seriously....

   Advise does cost money - but it is much cheaper than the cost to shut down a business.


The Need For Business Plans is Growing!

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**NEWS FLASH *********


1) For the FIRST TIME since the recent resession ended, business startups are EXCEEDING business failures


2) There has been a 50% increase in the number of individuals in the process of starting their own business ( was 8% of the population the figure is 12% )



So if you need funding, or need to convince someone to join your firm - An undated business plan will be needed!

You say you want to get together- but you lack the required basic communication skills!

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   Sometimes small business owners just amaze me. Your business is obviously small,l and I want to hear or see more .......but you are so DISORGANIZED that you just lose my information or trust your mind to remember to contact me. Your desk looks like a fan just blew all the papers around in a pile. You don't sit at the of end of a busy day and PLAN what you need to do and when to do it.  Your business will's just a matter of time. Communicate something to me- I am your interested prospect ...I will only wait so long!            

Don't Post to Social Media Sites JUST TO POST!

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 A pet pieve of mine is people who post to social media sites just to post! They figure (I thing wrongly) that the more that they post, the more that they get their name out there to their connections and friends, and the more likely their business will get more business. I THINK NOT! For me, Excessive posting without providing any real benefit to your connections and friends does just the opposite - YOU LOSE CREDIBILITY AND I JUST SKIP OVER YOUR POSTS LIKE ROTTEN FISH!  You are simply wasting my time and I hate that more than anything in trying to build my business......PLEASE - JUST GIVE ME SOME VALUABLE STUFF TO READ PERIOD!

Keep your word when posting in the new World of Social Media!

Posted on Sunday, November 23, 2014 at 08:07PM by Registered CommenterEarl L. Sigmund | CommentsPost a Comment

In order to keep your company's credability intact it is important to remember what you say when you post something online.....Use your calendar to remind you of promises that you make to any sales prospects as well as suppliers. It is no different from the Pre-Internet days when you used an old-fashioned calendar to remind you to get back to someone. A promise to a sales prospect or supplier is one you need to keep at all costs.

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