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PROCRASTINATION - a real business killer that strikes every day!

Posted on Sunday, February 5, 2017 at 08:12AM by Registered CommenterEarl L. Sigmund | CommentsPost a Comment




 He who waits to make changes and try new things to keep their business alive and kicking waits much too long! Especially you mom & pops out there. Read, study, look at the business world around you and take note- Then Take ACTION!

   On line Sales ...Drone Delivery...Stores Shuttering around you- What more do you need to see to get you off your rump and fight back!

  I think most small business overestimate the loyality of their cusstomers. It takes just one good buying experience to make your customer leave you - not just for now, but for ever.

   Get some outsider with some real business growth experience to step inside your business, analyze what's going on - and make some shocking suggestions to you. Yes suggestions you do not want to hear or believe - but these revelations are probably true and you need to take the bad news seriously....

   Advise does cost money - but it is much cheaper than the cost to shut down a business.


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