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Own Your Own Business? It's all about making YOU happy!

Posted on Friday, April 20, 2018 at 07:40AM by Registered CommenterEarl L. Sigmund | CommentsPost a Comment

  Dreaming about starting your own business - you are not alone. More people today are starting their own new businesses in record numbers. In the 5 counties that comprise the Delaware Valley area an average of over 250 new businesses are legally setup every week. It's not a craze - it's an epidemic as more and more people with regular W2 jobs are being displaced by the on line shopping revolution headed by Amazon. The recent closures of large retailers like Toys R Us, Macy's, and numerous others have left millions wondering where there next paycheck will come from. With technology the way it is -big corporations have no choice  but to shed bodies wherever possible and rely more on computers & robots to survive and thrive.

    But what does this all this change have to do with my happiness?- plenty. Starting a new business just because you think or heard it will make a lot of money will doom most of these startups with failure. Not picking a business to start that you do not truly like or learn to love is what I think is the number 1 reason for new business failures. You need to be passionate and make others feel passionate about you and your business service or product or they will not buy your product or service -  The game is up - Plain and simple you are doomed from day 1.......                     

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