Meet me on SOUTH street in Philly? ........I think NOT!

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Just visited there last night and I am still in a state of shock! Dirty, Dirty, & More Dirty! A LOT of closed stores.............Hey Mayor Nutter- think you can have the city How about subsidize some of the rents down there in exchange for some nifty "different" types of new neat stores that would enchance the neighborhood rather that let the area continue to look like a decaying former hot spot?

 Who's in charge of the area? It seems like South Street has become just a disorganized bunch of businesses-It needs a Full-Time cleaning crew with some power to get in the owner's faces to get it up to par. Yeah ...there's a lot of people walking around who appear to be having fun- however, most carry no shopping bags.............There has to be a better way to preserve this treasure of the past!       

Retail Small Business Owners Need Help Fast!

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  I can't recall a period of time in the past when mom & pop businesses in general were in more trouble. Unless you really have a really unique retail business with a devoted following of customers, it appears things are going downhill and getting worse. I go to malls these days more often to walk and eat than to shop.  Mom and pop owned businesses are a rare sight in malls, and traffic is way down unless there is some unusual event going on.  For the guys, there is hardly a store in a mall for us anymore - book stores, record stores, computer stores..........they are closing fast. On line retailers are taking over a lot of these industries, and there is no turning back. Small town business shopping districts and small strip retailers are drowning in their rent and lack of foot traffic in general. There are more closings than grand openings these days. Town officials need to help their local businesses more, and these officials need to allocate more of their resources now to promote their towns and community events to draw attention and traffic to their business centers. It's plain boring in many business communities as just having big franchise stores and other stores that bring no traffic or buzz to the area.  Business leaders and elected officials need to act fast or just face the facts - online businesses are winning the battle for the consumer $, and the local mom & pop stores are becoming a dying breed.  

Unemployment benefits cut off for millions- We are here for you!

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With the recent announcement that unemployment benefits were cut off for millions of Americans yesterday, my firm is looking to helping many of these people choose a new career, and determine if starting their own business now is a worthwhile venture to persue. It's never an easy choice to start a new business of your own, and no one should be pressured to do so. If you decide to dive into a new business venture, I strongly suggest at the onset having a part-time job of some sort, possibly in the same field of work with flexible hours to take some of the financial pressure off you. You should always seek out experienced independent advisors to guide you thru this transition period...........DON'T be guided by just the advice of friends and family. Exercise Is a great stress reducer so you can focus better on the task at hand. Remember- it wil take time to grow this business.........enjoy the ride.

Be more patient - Rome was not buit in a day!

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   In my opinion, the NOW generation's biggest issue today is a lack of patience to get things done; and when it  comes to starting a business - it's their burning desire to make a lot of money quick and retire young. A business is a complex thing to grow- it takes a lot of thought and work. Business development the right way  normally requires a large expenditure of time. Short cutting the process does not work. If growing a business was so easy, everyone would start one. You need to bounce your big decisions off an experienced business pro that you trust. A rush to judgement, especially when it comes to major business decisions, could be disasterous not only for your business, but also for your life and family as well.

I Need a Social Media Teacher Now!

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       I realize that I need to learn a lot more about all the new social media platforms out there today so that I can decide which ones will benfit my business the most now and in the future. Since there is fairly a substantial time expenditure involved to analyze, setup, and maintain a new social media platform, I need to find an unbiased professional consultant to learn my business and advise me on which social media platform will give me the biggest bang for my time and marketing dollars. Has anyone out there found this genius?  I need to meet him or her ASAP........