Summer is coming - Is your business ready to take advantage of the HEAT?

Posted on Friday, April 16, 2010 at 04:22PM by Registered CommenterEarl L. Sigmund | CommentsPost a Comment

                                                Us entrepeneurs can't wait to get all you consumers outside today to show you what we have to offer you in terms of quality products, unsurpassed customer service, and pricing that even the big boys will have to take a step back and watch us do our thing. We have fine tuned our business to compete with the best of them ............the internet and the social networking tools and gadgets have let us get you to notice us, contact us, and strike a deal. Just can't wait to show off our new approach to selling, custome service, and pricing.

The Holidays are coming! It's either going to be good, bad, or ugly..choose your poison!

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          Black Friday is around the corner........and either you learned your lesson last year and have reloaded your marketing bag of tricks for 2009 or you have not. Hopefully you have come up with a real written marketing plan that will really work this time based on correcting all the mistakes that you made last year. 

          Let's hope that you learned enough about social networking sites to foster a closer relationship with your customers and prospects.  Entrepreneurs must never stop reading and learning- never assume anything.

          Times have changed...............forever.       Happy Holidays!

It's now or never! Develop your own referral group or fail!

Posted on Wednesday, September 16, 2009 at 07:43PM by Registered CommenterEarl L. Sigmund | CommentsPost a Comment

            If there was ever a time to get involved with a group of business owners who will try to steer business your way, this is definitely it. The days of just cold calling, direct mail, or newspaer advertising advertising or a combination of thereof being utilized as your primary marketing tool are dead, buried,     and long gone. If you don't have other people singing your praises ...............get ready to close the inn.

 NETWORK, NETWORK, and NETWORK some more till you develop a group of referral partners. Get others to know you, like you, trust you, and eventually refer you. Don't just sit there and complain about your lack of business.......get involved and learn how to network.

I want to give you business, but you won't take it!

Posted on Sunday, May 31, 2009 at 02:24PM by Registered CommenterEarl L. Sigmund | Comments1 Comment

   I am still amazed at the number of small business owners that are so disorganized in these challenging times. Even presenting my business card to these entrepreneurs & asking them to contact me after receiving & buying their pitch still results in no action on their part. I don't get it. I'm going to buy from them, but their unorganized state of mind somehow forgets that I ever met them. I guess they finally discover my business card at some point, but their lack of jotting down a note on paper or in their mind results in lost sales sales and lost credability in my mind. Just how can these businesspeople survive?  

The New Stimulus Ignores the Entrepreneurs - What a Surprise!

Posted on Friday, February 20, 2009 at 10:55AM by Registered CommenterEarl L. Sigmund | CommentsPost a Comment

      It doesn't much deep thinking to figure out that the new stimulus bill just passed does almost nothing for the small business owner sector of the economy. Most of us don't want a handout or bailout  ..............We want some calm & stability to be restored in the minds of the buying public. That should  come from our goverment - calm the consumers fear of doom & give them an incentive to buy our products & services. We would also like to pay less business taxes and go through less red tape from the bureaucrats. But tax breaks such as Loss carry backs don't help most of us - most of us show a profit ....... Giving band-aid help to our competitors who under bid us & don't how what they are doing should be allowed to go of business right now instead of hurting us now.

        So the new stimulus plan does no real good for me now always, I will just adapt to all the hype and figure out a way to make a buck. Thanks again government for putting us small business owners at the bottom of your priority list.